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9-28-19 :Cool Monkey Press will be with Joe Caramagna in Artist Alley at New York Comic Con! Table A-9! I will have prints, comics, and original art--hope to see you there!



A note to those who grab cards at shows because they want to get a print down the line. At this time a lot of prints are not up at the store. If there was something you wanted just email me! I can send the prints out.



Upcming Art from issue 5


6-9-10: Read the review of Grizzly and Caticus #3 at Ain't It Cool News!

Another issue of the real deal surreal adventures of creator Andrew Edge’s multifaceted dramatic series is out and this book gets better with every issue. Having read this one from the get-go, I have to say that the confusing bits in the early issues have paid off. Once again, the narrative leaps around to a huge cast of characters, but the transitions are much more fluid here. It’s good to see Edge grow as a storyteller. There’s an especially effective scene in a park at night that will send shivers down your spine. This is great weird stuff for those who dig Lynchian kookiness and creepiness.

click the link above and remember issue #3 is available in the store

Read the review of the first issue from AICN!

Cool Monkey Press
This quirky little issue looks to be the start of something fun. Written and illustrated by Andrew Edge, this story only hints at the plot, but the hints prove to be intriguing and worth sticking around for another issue. Edge's artistic style changes from one story to the next, each conveying a different mood. I especially like the slightly warped panels at the beginning as a seemingly innocent game of chess between two men in a park is interrupted by a flying kite. The interaction between the two is ominous indeed. The plot thickens as we cut to a lonely cat lady who receives a letter, a guy in need of toilet paper, and a jogger who meets an untimely end by chainsaw. Not sure what's going on right yet, but I'm interested. The shift in art is a nice touch. Edge is a talented artist, able to convey mood and tone no matter what the medium. Plus if you're a cat lover, his watercolor cats are pretty damn cool. – Ambush Bug

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